Friday, 27 July 2012

Quilled dolls and more within...

Hi friends,
 its so good to be back to blogging and crafting again.
 The national tests which proceeded in May kept me very
 busy for quite a while, so i couldn't post on my blog. :C
 luckily it is the summer holidays so you'll be seeing a     
 lot of new posts in the future.
 Just so you all know,I won 3rd prize for my Quilled baby 
 deer .I got some goodies and a certificate.
 Thanks to all of you for your support and encouragement.

 I have recently been looking at the different types 
 quilled dolls and miniatures  and have come up with
 these 2:

{well actually the on on the left was one i made in 2011
but  I altered it by making a single brown skirt and sticking
under the doll to make it look tall and big.
That skirt has had a LOT of history ,
i can tell you, it used to be a hat, 
 and a  flower pot and ...}


 This  was a birthday card i made for my aunty in June
 this year.{Just so you know, i obviously didn't have
 any help from my super intelligent,very creative mum!} ; D :

   I was very lucky because, as i live in England, 
   I had a wonderful opportunity to go and see the 
   Olympic torch pass through the streets with my school.
   The very strict looking lady with short blonde hair, red                              
   high heels,and black coat is my headteacher who was 
   checking that  the children were well behaving. :D




  Different buses with company logos and few 
  workers passed through as well as they also supported 
  the Olympics. My favorite one is definitely the 
  Samsung,it was the ONLY one that looked bright 
  that morning!
  But the coca cola one  looked nice too...!

  In case you haven't noticed the colors 
  of  the different paragraphs
  are the colors of the Olympic rings:

The colors represent the five continents :
Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa and America,

but then again there can also be 
 'a hole' new meaning to it, [LOL]
as it can also represent the five different sports:        3.archery        4.swimming
  2.gymnastics                         5.sprinting



Thanks for reading!


Dr Sonia S V said...

Such lovely 3 D quilling and the card you made for your aunt is so gorgeous !

Mahi said...

Cue dolls and nice photos Sharan!

Sharon said...

@Dr Sonia S V//

Thankyou aunty sonia for the lovely comments. :D

Sharon said...


thanks aunty for the kind comments. :D

athira said...

//you'll be seeing a
lot of new posts in the future.//

Welcome Sharon!! keep it up.

athira said...

//I won 3rd prize for my Quilled baby

athira said...

The very strict looking lady with short blonde hair, red
high heels,and black coat is my headteacher///

haa..haa..haa...well explained:).

athira said...

// :).

Nice dolls and good pictures.

Sharon said...


Thankyou very much aunty for the lovely comments! ;D ;D

vanathy said...

Sharon dear, very lovely doll. Congrats. Very nice explanation about the Olympics and your teacher. Keep posting more crafts.

Siva sankar said...

Small Queen Sharon..

Welcome Again To Blog World..

What a Beautiful Creations.

i would like to give 100 Angels to you
as a gift.

Simply To say very very beautiful your Craft and Photos.

am very happy to here to see your post.

Thank you Sharon.

Sharon said...

thankyou aunty for the much appreciated comments :D ;)

Sharon said...

@Siva sankar//

thankyou uncle for the kind comments :D ;D ;) ;D

En Samaiyal said...

Lovely dolls Sharon and welcome back. Congratulations for winning the competition.

En Samaiyal said...

Interesting write up Sharon esp. the story about the skirt:)) You definitely have got the tongue in the cheek humour from your lovely mom! Useful information on olympics as well

En Samaiyal said...

We went to watch the torch as well with my son, but looks like you all have had a lovely weather and not a huge crowd. We went to the city centre and it was raining non stop but still managed to watch the whole thing. Keep up your lovely work Sharon

கலை said...

hai sharon,

How r u dear...

ur quilled dolls and grettings r so pretty dalu!..

I ve always admired ur mom for her craft work.

I used to say Anju akkaa having a magical hands to make such wonderful things..

u baby sweet little angel proved that pulliku piranthathu poonai aagumaa ?

ha haha u dont get eh sharon ...u ask ur mum to translate pulliku piranthathu poonai aagumaa ? ...

hey sharon dont show this one to athiraa akkaa ...avvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv.

Sharon said...

@En Samaiyal//

Thankyou very much for the kind comments aunty,i hope you and your son enjoyed watching the olympic torch though it was raining...!

Sharon said...

@ கலை//

Thankyou akka for the lovely comments,yes i definetely shall ask my mum to transalate! ;D

வை.கோபாலகிருஷ்ணன் said...

Nice dolls and good pictures.
Superb. Very Nice. Congrats Sharon!

Please keep it up.

Gopu uncle