Saturday, 13 April 2013

Quilled Mermaid Hello Kitty

Hello friends! A few days ago,i found a very cute clip art of hello kitty as a mermaid, and
decided to quill it. I altered a few parts like the whiskers and the tail.


I used beehive quilling technique for body and the tail. 


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Quilled Dove

      Hi again friends!
      Last  year i entered a Quilling competition ,
      I created a Dove with olive leaves made completely
      from copier papers.
      It was another project which took a long time.   Like my Quilled Fawn                                                      

    This is my entry on display at the Quilling guild in
    I started by printing a clip art of a dove,and placed 
    it on blue card.I then drew around it to give me an
    idea of the shape of its body

    I worked inside the drawing and filled it with marquises
   and did a bit of beehive Quilling to show the wings.

   For the tail i used folded strips.

I won second place in the  category ( 11-15 yrs)

Thanks for reading! :D

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Graphics quilling

Hi friends! It is good to be back again after such a long time!
Yesterday,i did a bit of Graphics Quilling which i wanted to share with you all.
It took a bit of a long time but this is the result:


My mum has quilled roses and flowers in her craft boxes,and i managed to pinch 
one of them for my piece of work without her knowledge!! :)))


My mum sketched out a picture of a girl for me, which
 i then worked on. 
To make the eyes, i quilled 2 pale blue marquises and
 wrapped a strip of black Quilling paper around them.
After that i added a small strip of black paper as the 
eyelashes.For the pupil i found 2 small black dots 
which i glued on.

Thanks for viewing! :D